Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Beautiful Candra

Last week it was picutres of Brittney, This week- Candra. Whenever I pull out the camera to take pictures of anyone Candra is there saying "Can you take a picture of me?" Then she loves to look at them. She also loves to take pictures- she is always asking if she can take pictures with my phone (I guess she knows that is the only one she can get away with) and she takes a ton, I usually always have to tell her "that's enough," pretty fun to share what I love to do with my daughters, pictures, pictures, pictures, scrap, scrap, scrap... Candra is my little blinker, I only took about six pictures of her and she was blinking in half of them- and I don't think I even had the flash on.


Amber said...

Nancy... your kids are so beautiful. it is crazy how you can see the Davis and Mackey in them! How are things anyway?

Alicia said...

great pictures Nanc...are you packed for camping~

Dolores Christine said...

Dawsyn says " Hi Candra, I wish I could see you, I love your pictures. Your such an adorable girl.

Aunty Dee says " Sista you look like a Mackey girl! You are sooooooo pretty.

Wyatt would say something but hes sleeping.

Doug Montrose Family said...

Wow, I think you're girls look just like you! They are beautiful. And your baby boy is adorable. Good work!! :)