Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glitter Toes

So I had never heard of glitter toes until this week!! My SIL mentioned something about them on facebook, and when I googled it I found a DIY at home version- hello 40% off at Hobby Lobby!!! SO FUN!!! Thanks Hollie!!

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Malachi's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Malachi! love you buddy!!

His favorite present; from Grammy of course!! He uses some part if not all of the costume EVERY DAY!
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My Birthday

Okay, I was SSOOO not looking forward to my birthday this year, but my friends made it GREAT!!! First my friend Kim, got a few friends together for lunch ( and I forgot my camera- of course!!), it was SSOOO yummy! Then Nat got a bunch of friends together and we went to Appleby's for dinner; I love Appleby's! I love the shrimp parmesean steak; seriously it's my fav., and apparently I'm not the only one because I think that our table had four or five orders! Thanks Ladies!! You made me smile ALL DAY!!!
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My Sister is cooler than your sister!

Okay, so actually I have A LOT of REALLY AWESOME sisters, who are beyond wonderful to me. But still, how cool is this?! My little sister, Christine sent this to me, just because!
I have to say that sometimes, okay a lot of the time "just because" is the best reason to be given anything! LoVe It!!! Check out those strawberries! They were almost as big as my fist! AH-Mazing!
And obviously my kids loved it too!

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