Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time time time.......

One of these days I am going to be finished moving and have the time to blog again, I may even put in some photos of my old home as a farewell gesture... yes I am a little sad about leaving our beautiful home, still I am escited to be moving to Rexburg!! We (actually Brittney and Candra) started school today, and it seems like a really good school, everyone says good things about Kennedy. And Ty is working out here all the time, so it is really just time for us to just do it allready!! I am also super excited for all the time I will be spending hanging out with Lana, and Alicia, and Claudia!!! I just need to finish moving out of Driggs- I thought I had a week more than I actually did to move(school started here a week earlier than in Driggs, so I just kind of did the best I could.) Anyway in the mean time I will still be checking all of your blogs!! I probablly won't have a proper post until I get my computer hooked back up to the internet, and I won't start bugging Ty to do that for probably another week.... so until then....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our 4th!!

"O What do you do in the Summer-time?" For the Fourth we went Camping at Rigby Lake! We went with Levi & Alicia, and Aros & Lana. Wednesday night we wandered around the vendors, got some food, and hung out and listened to the band they had playing. After a while we headed back to camp, and got ready for the Fireworks. They shot fireworks up over the lake, it was
great! It was like fireworks on top of fireworks(because of the reflection on the lake).

Brittney just sitting around enjoying- we love camping!
This was completely Spon-
taneous, and sweet. Malachi wanted to walk back to camp holding both of "the sissies" hands, what good sweet big sisters!!
Ready, get set, go!! On the fourth Ty & Lana ran the 5 K Liberty Run in Rexburg! They both did so well, and I was surprised by the scope of runners. There was a little girl there (she couldn't have been more than seven) who ran with a guy I assumed to be her dad, they ran it in about 20 minutes!! They were all so inspiring!

Run, Daddy, RUN!!!!!!

Then after we went to the Parade in Rexburg (sorry no pictures) we spent the rest of the Day at Rigby Lake!! We just love it there, so much FUN!!Posted by Picasa

Hail Storm

This is a hail storm we had in Driggs, see all the white ? The piece's were pretty big, I had to get Candra to hold some of them so you could see. I think this storm was the very end of June (ya I know- dates, dates, dates) Anyway poor Candra, she is such a good sport- her little hands were freezing in just a few seconds- "oops, drop them baby!!" But at first the rain was just lashing down, my girls said "Hey mom, we have a waterfall off of our roof!" And indeed we did!! then the rain turned to hail! and this is what we got!

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