Sunday, July 6, 2008

Totally Spoiled!!

Okay, so I have the best sisters EVER, weather they were born my sisters or married in- they are super great, they totally spoiled me for my birthday!! I know this may be a wierd thing to put on here- but hey, since I should be packing boxes I am not allowing myself to scrapbook right now and I had to find some way to celebrate the cool stuff they gave me. First Cherry got me a sewing machine (ya, trust me, I know)

Then Alicia got me this entirely adorable set from Basic Grey's Sugared collection- I am competely in love with these chipboard stickers!!

Seriously, how lucky am I?

And then last weekend I watched the kids (mine and Cherry's 2 older girls) while most of the rest of my family went to the wedding. Ya, I kinda spent awhile Monday feeling sorry for myself- but then Cherry and Ty (you've got to love a sister who will whisper good ideas into your husband's ear) brought me home one of these(from Alicia's store)- now it wasn't this one; I couldn't get the right picture to come up on the computer; but close enough- just different colors, and I think mine is cooler, but you get the idea-

yep! I'm spoiled!

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Alicia said...

have you got to use your sewing machine yet?? it's a great one...perfect for scrappin'! when is our Hogle Zoo we can use the paper!? {oh, well you went to the zoo here...but no GIRAFFES, so you can't use your cute lil chipboard sticker yet, hahah}