Saturday, November 22, 2008

6 Things {Tag}

6 TV Shows I like to Watch

1-American Idol


3-America's got talent

4-Smallville (but it's been getting on my nerves lately)



6 Restaurants I like to Eat at



3-Hard Hat

4-Red Lobster


6-Pizza Hut

6 Things that happened today

1-Made progress on our back patio


3-Played house with Candra

4-checked blogs

5-Tried a new pancake mix

6-Let my kids have their cousins over

6 Things I am looking forward to right now


2-Seeing my sister

3-A Family Thanksgiving

4-Ty getting home

5-Seeing Family for our Christmas party

6-Seeing my Mom

6 Things on my wish list

1-Be organized (this may not actually happen until my next life, but I am working on it)

2-Be financially and independently(with my husband of course) wealthy

3-Get my food storage

4-Get our families food storage

5-Be healthy

6-Be Good

6 People to Tag

Okay, people don't do my tags, so- if you have time... I tag you