Monday, July 13, 2009

Minature Parade

We had a really fun day- first we went to the museum, the kids had all kinds of fun trying on these hats! Then we went to a parade that had minature floats!! I absolutely loved the floats, the theme was: "If I could, I would:" I didn't get a picture of my favorite; "If I could I would kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince!" it was way cute!

Fireman Chi!

My littlest brother!! He is way too handsome!

If I could I would have a pet dinosaur

If I could I would live a Bug's life

I can't remember what this one was

The Horse Parade!

this is the horse Parade!! The theme was pink to support breast cancer! how great is that!

We sat by the nicest people at the Parade, she just couldn't resist buying all the kids a popcicle!

My mom's anniversary

while Grammy (my mom) was here, helping me move, her 15th anniversary rolled around. Isn't she great to come anyway? Grandpa Jeff sent her a box of her very favorite Lavendar Roses! He also sent me some minature yellow roses as a sort of house warming gift- Isn't he great?!

Silly Kids and a Wig!!

This is my brother Tony!! isn't he a little heart-breaker?! he is such a great guy! He was so over-the-top helpful while he and my mom were here(like an adult would be), and always had such a great attitude about it! Here he is with my troublemakers just goofing off!

Grammy and Ethan

Sunday, July 12, 2009

more pics of our new home

Yes all these flowers are at our new home!! How cool is that?! There are also some white roses and lavendar roses too! Also in the back yard there is a gigantic butterfly bush, an apple tree, a plum tree, and I think some kind of small peach tree.

Malachi's Birthday!

Before we moved, Levi & Alicia let us have Malachi's Birthday Party at their house- Thanks guys!!! I can't believe my chi-chi is 3!!! We have so much fun with him! He has such a fun little personality!

All Moved!

oops, I accidently selected this picture, and now I don't know how to pull it out- This is Ethan and Daddy before we moved- taking a nap together- well, sort of!

So we are all moved to Utah!! My mom came and stayed with us for two weeks (a little over really) and helped me move out and then helped me move in.
{Thanks SSSSOOOOO much MoM!!!} She is the best, anyway here are some pictures of our home!! I am really excited because I only live a little ways from Jeremy& Amy, and when they get back- Pat and Hollie! How fun is that?!?!

I worked my mom to the bone while she was here- she was super awesome!! Love you Mom!!

My aunt Kathy came and helped too!!! Thank You so much!!