Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bloody Pictures!!!!!!!

One little monkey jumping 'cross the couch,

hit a side table and got a big ouch,

ran him to the doctor and the doctor said,

let's put some stiches into his head.

That is not the end of our story it is sad, but true! Just a few days later he showed us once again that he is a boy through and through.
I took the kids with me to visit with a friend,
he jumped off a bed and with his lip caught the window pane's end,
At first it looked as though he only scratched the skin,
But we soon could tell that all the blood just stayed in,
His upper lip got Huge so there was no doubt,
it looked as though he was wearing a pout.

Okay, but seriously, this was a bit traumatic for me. I run him to the doctor screaming, shirt soaked.... my camera was in the car- so I took two pictures (I was a little more calm since the bleeding wasn't just pouring down his head anymore) I balled the whole time they were injecting the wound; then my inner voice said "Girl, you better pull yourself together!!" So then I got myself calmed down while I held Malachi down for the doctor to put in the Seven stitches. We got home and I kid you not, an hour later and he was all goofy and jumping around again- KIDS!!!! Then when he hit his lip, it got so big- he looked like a cartoon drawing (you know how with the side view of the simpson's their upper lip totally hangs over the bottom). I tried to get a picture but my camera wouldn't focus. My poor sweet little boy!!! He handled the whole thing probably a lot better than I did. I am really hoping for a vacation from stitches, bumps and bruises!!


Rosemary said...

Ahhhh, poor baby, I just feel your pain. I hope he is doing well. It was hard to see all the blood and his crying face. That must have been really hard. I went through that a lot with little Wayne. Praise God he is grown up. He still does crazy things, but I'm not as nervous.

Tuttle Family said...

oh,no! I've been there. Poor little guy. That's a pretty big shiner.

Ariane said...

Um... good luck with the vacation from stitches, bumps, and bruises. You're lucky you have one boy. Life with 4 is one big eteranal trip to the ER! What one doesn't think of, the others do...But, I love boys!! (And now for a whole new reason than why I loved them in High School.) Poor little guy! And poor little mommy too! I think it's more traumatic for the mommies than it is for the kids. They bounce back, we re-live!

Alicia said...

clever poetry Nancy! poor poor Malachi! he is looking a lot better now! let's keep it that way, quit beating your kids, or I'll have to report you!