Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Beautiful Brittney

There are so many times when I am doing something- all busy and worried (I'm hoping that some day I will grow out of this) and in the middle of whatever I am doing I glance at my children and am just breathless. Brittney and Candra are so different, so this week it is pictures of Brittney. Brittney looks like she came strait out of a story book .

and this is how I get my girls to pose for me.. I pick some and they pick some, it's fun becuase the poses they pick usually do a really good job of showing their individual personalities.


Alicia said...

love the poses!

Dolores Christine said...

Dawsyn says "Hi brittney! I miss you, you look soo pretty in your dress. Were going to Hawaii and I wish you were there. How old are you, and chandra? I love you guys. I'm going to bed now night night.

Aunty Dee says " You are beautiful !! :)You look like your mama girl friend, thats a good thing :)