Tuesday, May 26, 2009


so, ya, I was scammed- my email address was stolen- do not send me money!! The other day I got an email that I thought was from hotmail, and it said that I needed to verify my account or it would be deleted, ya I guess I should have known better- but what can I say? it looked official, dang it! I am not out of the country, no one stole my purse or whatever; and I do not need money to get home! I hope nobody else gets scammed too! Sorry for the trouble!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Malachi's powers

okay so a few nights ago- well actually in the early morning hours of 5-13-09 {I'm saving the date so that I can remember later} I woke up in the middle of the night not to the sound of Ethan crying, but to the sound of little feet running around... and thought "hmmm... what in the world is going on?" so I got up, and Malachi was standing in the bathroom- he had to go potty. So of course now Ethan was up too- so I went into the living room switched on the TV and sat down to feed him, Malachi would NOT go back to bed, he just came and sat next to me and was watching me. All of a sudden he said to me, all sad and downcast "mommy, I don't have any powers" Okay I can only assume that he picked up this idea from watching The Incredibles the week before. I said to him, just to make sure I heard him right, "You don't have any powers?" Malachi looked down so sad and shaking his head said "no, I don't" he said it so sad that I just wanted to cry. And I said "Well honey, Daddy doesn't have any powers, does he? and we still love him, I don't have any powers and you still love me.." But he was still just fixated on this thought that he had no powers... He looked out side and he could see a light from the house across the street, but it was coming through a bunch of bushes that we have in our front yard; and he pointed outside and said "there are powers!" and I said "what we need to run outside and get them?" {which of course I couldn't do- I was sitting there feeding the baby} and he said "yes- CATCH them!" and I said "Buddy, we all have powers and they come out when we try to be good" he was not impressed by my words- so I tried another angle I said "Your powers are in your heart, and they come out when you try to be like Jesus, and try really hard to be good." he liked that better, he lifted up his shirt and put his hand on where he thought his heart was {his stomach} and said "My powers in my Heart?" and I said "yes, and they come out when we try really hard to be good and to be like Jesus." He really liked that. Every time I told the story he would interrupt me to remind me, while he pulled up his shirt for emphasis, "MY POWERS IN MY HEART!" indeed his powers are in his heart!! How sweet!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Okay, I know that I am probably posting too many of these pictures.... but they are so funny together!!

These ones are an easter Egg Hunt at my grandma's house with my kiddos and my, yes MY, cousins!

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their all scrambeling to get eggs- I didn't even know we were going to do this- my aunt or uncle or cousins stuffed tons of eggs!! (probably all of them together) How great are they?!?!

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Candra was a pretty good sport (she loves her picture taken), Brittney thought she was going to freeze to death and was very annoyed with me- hey I suppose that is real life!

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Malachi would not stay in one place....little stinker!! I still think these are pretty cute- I was trying to get him to clasp his hands together in front... He is such a little comedian!

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Easter Pics!

So funny, I couldn't get the "perfect picture" of each of them in the same shot- and like I said Britt thought she was going to freeze- but the funny part is that Malachi loves to look at the picture after I take it.... so the girls were totally holding him back!

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