Saturday, November 22, 2008

6 Things {Tag}

6 TV Shows I like to Watch

1-American Idol


3-America's got talent

4-Smallville (but it's been getting on my nerves lately)



6 Restaurants I like to Eat at



3-Hard Hat

4-Red Lobster


6-Pizza Hut

6 Things that happened today

1-Made progress on our back patio


3-Played house with Candra

4-checked blogs

5-Tried a new pancake mix

6-Let my kids have their cousins over

6 Things I am looking forward to right now


2-Seeing my sister

3-A Family Thanksgiving

4-Ty getting home

5-Seeing Family for our Christmas party

6-Seeing my Mom

6 Things on my wish list

1-Be organized (this may not actually happen until my next life, but I am working on it)

2-Be financially and independently(with my husband of course) wealthy

3-Get my food storage

4-Get our families food storage

5-Be healthy

6-Be Good

6 People to Tag

Okay, people don't do my tags, so- if you have time... I tag you

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4th & 4th

if you're reading this, i TAG you! {PLAY ALONG} i got this idea from Nellie's blog!
1. Go to your picture files on your computer.
2. Go to the 4th folder.
3. Pick the 4th picture in the 4th folder.
4. Post it and tell what you remember about the picture, if anything. NO CHEATING!
I've been tagged, and I'm tagging you!

My sister {in law} actually took this one. This was taken august '06. This is my youngest daughter, Candra practicing for her {summer camp} cheerleading performance! I put both of my girls in, but this picture only has Candra- they sure had a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun to take them and cheer them on, they get so excited!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11

I was half way through today day when I realized what day it was... I was actually at Wal Mart filling out a check, when I got to the date line- and thought about it.
I actually used to have a bank slip from Sept 11, 2001, kept it for awhile, must have lost it during our second move. That morning I actually slept in, when my mother called me to tell me I was blow drying my hair to go out and run errands; yes I cried. Quite a few times that week actually. I'm sure we all did. I have a nephew who was born on 9/11/01. Where were you?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Yes, we have moved (mostly, we left some furniture behind to stage the house, and we have plenty of boxes in the garage) I will miss my house. Mostly I will miss living in Teton Valley. I lived in Teton Valley when I fell in love, when I married (my first kiss), when I had my first three children, holidays and memories, family and friends. In April or May I just knew it was time to move- Ty had been working out in the IF/Rexburg/St.Anthony areas for two years, I want more time with my husband. Most of my family has moved out of "the Valley" so now we get to spend more time with them, plus we live close enough to the school that my girls can walk, and everything down here has a smaller price tag attached. The things I will miss? My jetted tub; which is kind of funny because I rarely used it, my girls bedroom (over top of and the entire length of our three car garage)- but not cleaning it, my garage, and just the house in general- but the pro's far outweigh the con's. Our house has been bought by an investor, who is looking to re-sell it so if your interested.... In the mean time, goodbye my lovely home- we loved you!!

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Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay, seriously, what do I do?!?! Candra, the younger of my two girls is going to make me crazy. She loves to feel sorry for herself; I will give you an example of what happened just minutes ago- this kind of thing is a very regular occurance: She was in here eating a peach, everything just fine, she finishes with the peach and within a couple of minutes says, just once, that she is cold; I say (because it is almost bed-time) "well, go put your pajamas on and I will make you some hot chocolate, okay?" with in 15 seconds she is standing in her bedroom wearing nothing but her underware staring at herself in the mirror and crying- loudly saying over and over that she was cold... (I should mention here that her mirror is attached to her dresser, so she was also standing in front of her dresser, and yes she has LOTS of clean PJ's in there) I suppose she feels put upon because I asked her to put on her pajamas before I gave her the hot chocolate? I really don't know- but this watching herself cry in the mirror thing drives me nutty!!! She does it at least 1-2 times a week! I have even seen her go and get the hand held mirror so that she can watch herself cry... HeLP!!! Tonight I was nOT patient, I told her that if she was cold she should put her PJ's on and stop watching herself cry... I know, not patient, HElP!!! What do I do?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time time time.......

One of these days I am going to be finished moving and have the time to blog again, I may even put in some photos of my old home as a farewell gesture... yes I am a little sad about leaving our beautiful home, still I am escited to be moving to Rexburg!! We (actually Brittney and Candra) started school today, and it seems like a really good school, everyone says good things about Kennedy. And Ty is working out here all the time, so it is really just time for us to just do it allready!! I am also super excited for all the time I will be spending hanging out with Lana, and Alicia, and Claudia!!! I just need to finish moving out of Driggs- I thought I had a week more than I actually did to move(school started here a week earlier than in Driggs, so I just kind of did the best I could.) Anyway in the mean time I will still be checking all of your blogs!! I probablly won't have a proper post until I get my computer hooked back up to the internet, and I won't start bugging Ty to do that for probably another week.... so until then....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our 4th!!

"O What do you do in the Summer-time?" For the Fourth we went Camping at Rigby Lake! We went with Levi & Alicia, and Aros & Lana. Wednesday night we wandered around the vendors, got some food, and hung out and listened to the band they had playing. After a while we headed back to camp, and got ready for the Fireworks. They shot fireworks up over the lake, it was
great! It was like fireworks on top of fireworks(because of the reflection on the lake).

Brittney just sitting around enjoying- we love camping!
This was completely Spon-
taneous, and sweet. Malachi wanted to walk back to camp holding both of "the sissies" hands, what good sweet big sisters!!
Ready, get set, go!! On the fourth Ty & Lana ran the 5 K Liberty Run in Rexburg! They both did so well, and I was surprised by the scope of runners. There was a little girl there (she couldn't have been more than seven) who ran with a guy I assumed to be her dad, they ran it in about 20 minutes!! They were all so inspiring!

Run, Daddy, RUN!!!!!!

Then after we went to the Parade in Rexburg (sorry no pictures) we spent the rest of the Day at Rigby Lake!! We just love it there, so much FUN!!Posted by Picasa

Hail Storm

This is a hail storm we had in Driggs, see all the white ? The piece's were pretty big, I had to get Candra to hold some of them so you could see. I think this storm was the very end of June (ya I know- dates, dates, dates) Anyway poor Candra, she is such a good sport- her little hands were freezing in just a few seconds- "oops, drop them baby!!" But at first the rain was just lashing down, my girls said "Hey mom, we have a waterfall off of our roof!" And indeed we did!! then the rain turned to hail! and this is what we got!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bloody Pictures!!!!!!!

One little monkey jumping 'cross the couch,

hit a side table and got a big ouch,

ran him to the doctor and the doctor said,

let's put some stiches into his head.

That is not the end of our story it is sad, but true! Just a few days later he showed us once again that he is a boy through and through.
I took the kids with me to visit with a friend,
he jumped off a bed and with his lip caught the window pane's end,
At first it looked as though he only scratched the skin,
But we soon could tell that all the blood just stayed in,
His upper lip got Huge so there was no doubt,
it looked as though he was wearing a pout.

Okay, but seriously, this was a bit traumatic for me. I run him to the doctor screaming, shirt soaked.... my camera was in the car- so I took two pictures (I was a little more calm since the bleeding wasn't just pouring down his head anymore) I balled the whole time they were injecting the wound; then my inner voice said "Girl, you better pull yourself together!!" So then I got myself calmed down while I held Malachi down for the doctor to put in the Seven stitches. We got home and I kid you not, an hour later and he was all goofy and jumping around again- KIDS!!!! Then when he hit his lip, it got so big- he looked like a cartoon drawing (you know how with the side view of the simpson's their upper lip totally hangs over the bottom). I tried to get a picture but my camera wouldn't focus. My poor sweet little boy!!! He handled the whole thing probably a lot better than I did. I am really hoping for a vacation from stitches, bumps and bruises!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Won I Won I Won

I can't believe I won!! Kind of surreal to go online and see your own name!!! Alicia called me on Friday and told me that I needed to get on Making Memories Blog, because they were goint to be doing giveaways all day (are you kidding me?!?!?) I was psyched!! I haunted their blog as much as I dared ALL WEEKEND, yes it not only lasted through Friday, but all weekend!! This morning I got up at @ 7 and checked the blog to see if they had announced the winner yet- nope; but I did see that these awesome (and crazy) ladies had been posting ALL NIGHT LONG, so I wished them luck and went to clean my house. I came back to check and saw my own name on the screen!! yEs YeS YEs yES yEs YES!!! So this is what I won (did I mention there were over three thousand posts- ladies trying to win this?!?! man am I ever LUCKY!!)
Also this morning, I was checking out Creating Keepsakes and I was checking out a book by Jessica Sprague. I got onto this cite with some of the cutest fonts I have seen!!! Most of them for free!! you have to check this out!!! http//

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Memory game

One of my friends posted this on her blog and I thought it was a fun idea!!Here's how to play:
Memory Game:
1. Add a comment to my blog by leaving a memory that you and I experienced together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little, or A LOT. All you have to do, is simply, remember.
2. When you've done that, post this to your blog, experience the memories from your lifetime, and I'll return the favor

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Totally Spoiled!!

Okay, so I have the best sisters EVER, weather they were born my sisters or married in- they are super great, they totally spoiled me for my birthday!! I know this may be a wierd thing to put on here- but hey, since I should be packing boxes I am not allowing myself to scrapbook right now and I had to find some way to celebrate the cool stuff they gave me. First Cherry got me a sewing machine (ya, trust me, I know)

Then Alicia got me this entirely adorable set from Basic Grey's Sugared collection- I am competely in love with these chipboard stickers!!

Seriously, how lucky am I?

And then last weekend I watched the kids (mine and Cherry's 2 older girls) while most of the rest of my family went to the wedding. Ya, I kinda spent awhile Monday feeling sorry for myself- but then Cherry and Ty (you've got to love a sister who will whisper good ideas into your husband's ear) brought me home one of these(from Alicia's store)- now it wasn't this one; I couldn't get the right picture to come up on the computer; but close enough- just different colors, and I think mine is cooler, but you get the idea-

yep! I'm spoiled!