Monday, July 21, 2008

I Won I Won I Won

I can't believe I won!! Kind of surreal to go online and see your own name!!! Alicia called me on Friday and told me that I needed to get on Making Memories Blog, because they were goint to be doing giveaways all day (are you kidding me?!?!?) I was psyched!! I haunted their blog as much as I dared ALL WEEKEND, yes it not only lasted through Friday, but all weekend!! This morning I got up at @ 7 and checked the blog to see if they had announced the winner yet- nope; but I did see that these awesome (and crazy) ladies had been posting ALL NIGHT LONG, so I wished them luck and went to clean my house. I came back to check and saw my own name on the screen!! yEs YeS YEs yES yEs YES!!! So this is what I won (did I mention there were over three thousand posts- ladies trying to win this?!?! man am I ever LUCKY!!)
Also this morning, I was checking out Creating Keepsakes and I was checking out a book by Jessica Sprague. I got onto this cite with some of the cutest fonts I have seen!!! Most of them for free!! you have to check this out!!! http//

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