Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hail Storm

This is a hail storm we had in Driggs, see all the white ? The piece's were pretty big, I had to get Candra to hold some of them so you could see. I think this storm was the very end of June (ya I know- dates, dates, dates) Anyway poor Candra, she is such a good sport- her little hands were freezing in just a few seconds- "oops, drop them baby!!" But at first the rain was just lashing down, my girls said "Hey mom, we have a waterfall off of our roof!" And indeed we did!! then the rain turned to hail! and this is what we got!

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Alicia said...

I remember that...that is Driggs for you, whether it be June, July or August!

Meliss said...


I came across your blog through Becca's, so hope you don't mind. I remember that hail storm. It was crazy! I took some pics of it and they are on my blog. Your blog is cute!

Ariane said...

Um.... one of the reasons I have fond memories of Driggs but I'm happy to live further South! In fact, I'd be even more happy if we lived in the desert. Ugh, hail in June.

nellie rae said...

i remember when i was younger and my sisters and i would do the same thing, go outside during the hail storm (genius) and get as much as we could and then freeze it in the freezer! :)
two years ago, right after we bought our very first brand spankin' new car, there were tornado warnings while i was at work and a hailstorm came through and pelted my brand new car. $4500 damage baby. it was SO SAD! I'd never seen hail the size of softballs before....ahhh. Oklahoma.