Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Yes, we have moved (mostly, we left some furniture behind to stage the house, and we have plenty of boxes in the garage) I will miss my house. Mostly I will miss living in Teton Valley. I lived in Teton Valley when I fell in love, when I married (my first kiss), when I had my first three children, holidays and memories, family and friends. In April or May I just knew it was time to move- Ty had been working out in the IF/Rexburg/St.Anthony areas for two years, I want more time with my husband. Most of my family has moved out of "the Valley" so now we get to spend more time with them, plus we live close enough to the school that my girls can walk, and everything down here has a smaller price tag attached. The things I will miss? My jetted tub; which is kind of funny because I rarely used it, my girls bedroom (over top of and the entire length of our three car garage)- but not cleaning it, my garage, and just the house in general- but the pro's far outweigh the con's. Our house has been bought by an investor, who is looking to re-sell it so if your interested.... In the mean time, goodbye my lovely home- we loved you!!

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Amber said...

wow. is this your house? it is beautiful!

Meliss said...

Where do you live now? I am sort of close to Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg. Hope your kids are enjoying their new school and teachers. I know what you mean about living in Teton Valley. I still call it home even though I don't really live there, my parents still do though. Take care!

nellie rae said...

hi nancy! i laughed at your comment! i do the SAME thing! i never thought i would forget getting terrible about remember things like that... :)
My maiden name was Smith. My married name is Gorney. :)

have fun with the move! i hate moving all my stuff!! :)

The Peterson's said...

Hey Nancy and Tyree! Your house is beautiful. I would hate to leave it too, especially leaving it in Teton Valley. You get use to not being in the valley after a few years. It is always fun to visit though. Good Luck with the move!