Sunday, November 15, 2009

today I am thankful that...

Today I am thankful for a good laugh. Is that shallow? I don't know. Today, when we got home from church, for some reason my kids we on the war path. They would not stop going at each other. I was on the phone with my sister, I called her because I was feeling a little lonely. Ty left for St. George and maybe for California today (he hasn't decided yet), just knowing he's not coming home tonight makes me feel really lonely. Anyway I knew talking to my sister would put me in a better mood... So here I am on the phone with her and the kids just WILL NOT STOP GOING AT EACH OTHER. I was on the phone with her for almost 40 minutes (I was getting dinner ready) and I had to mediate I think 5 different episodes. I was actually able to keep my cool. I did not yell, I did not even get truly irritated, I didn't even hand out time outs. So finally dinner is done and I get off the phone. Candra comes to the table and I see that she has collected a small box of toys, when I asked her why she said "to sell". "Why?" I asked, "Because!!" she said "Because Why?" I asked... She wouldn't tell me. I think she was trying to get me to go and comfort her, tell her that those were her favorite toys and I just wasn't going to do it. I gave up being patient and said "maybe we should just give them to DI." (my tone very matter-of-fact and not sympathetic AT ALL) she did not like that one. She said "Maybe I should just get my things and go away!!" Okay, maybe I shouldn't have, but I am determined to not buy into her drama if I don't have to- so I asked her "Where are you going to go? Do you want me to pack for you?" (matter-of-fact tone again) It really called her bluff, the look she gave me, I think I actually snickered as I went back to dishing out dinner. It's so frosty here today that had she actually done it i would have had to take pictures- lol!
I am also thankful for a husband who says nice things (well, lies actually- but he always sounds like he believes them) to me.
Friday Ty watched the kids so I could go to a Relief Society thing (super Saturday but we had to have it on Friday). It was GREAT! I went to a hair cutting class, and a photography class. Both classes were exceptional! I learned so much. Ty cancelled what he had going on (he had forgotten about the activity) to watch the kids for me, he was even on time! After the Relief Society activity I went a saw a movie with Hollie and Amy, it was really fun! Thanks Girls!! I'm thankful to have girls to do stuff with!

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