Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 5

Okay, so I'm not sure I should actually put this out there, but here goes. When I got up this morning I was great, Ethan seems to be pulling out of his sickness, Malachi is sick, but at least it wasn't two at a time! Very thankful for that!

Not long after I got up I started feeling, well, my basic thought was "people are jerks!"; I know, I know, fairly juvenile right? Anyway I was basically feeling sorry for myself, then i went "blog hopping". My friend Arianne, has decided to do the same "Thankful" thing that I am doing; and in her post she credited me! How sweet is that, especially when I am just copying the idea myself!

So then of course, I was thinking, people are great, sweet, awesome! ha! At this point I remembered a conversation I had with my cousin just LAST NIGHT. (Yes, how easily I forget) About how we each must create our own happiness. I believe that. Happiness is not something external, or something that can be given. It is something we must find within ourselves and then cultivate. There are times we must even start from scratch and actually create it.

The point? I am so thankful for the wonderful people in my life! I am thankful for the opportunity to choose to rise higher (which I suppose means I'm thankful for the less than nice things and people too). I am thankful to be Happy! I am thankful for the goodness in people and in everything that surrounds me! I am thankful to our Heavenly Father from whence all good things come! I am thankful for smiles and laughter! I am thankful to end each day by tucking in my little ones, and that even my nine year old still begs me to do it when I am busy!


Bean said...

You are so right! Thanks for the wonderful post! And for the comments that you've sent me. I appreciate it. You have always been such an example to me. I hope your family feels better.

Neika Boulter said...

nancy! I saw your blog listed on Ariane's so I blog hopped to see what you've been up to! You have such beautiful kids! Hope you don't mind me snooooping=)
i have a blog but its set to private so email me and I'll approve you!
neikamom2 at yahoo dot com

alicia.king said...

dang it...I was thinking money=happiness! Only kidding! Good post Nancy!