Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Thoughts, Moments and Thanks too!

{Ever been in an "Ok, so...." mood? I am today- just a random thought ;) }
okay, so at the beginning of this post I have to admit something:
Yes! It is completely true! I Bribe my children! So glad I got that one off my chest! {LOL}
Okay, so ya, I bribe my children. "You can have Friends over after you clean your room"; "If everyone can be good and help mom, we can go to the library"; and "if you go potty on the toilet, I'll give you a candy".

Many of you already know but this year I potty trained Malachi. Oh my goodness! It took FOREVER! And I learned that I am completely lacking in patience. Anyway, because he still has very occasional accidents, and because we still have tons of Halloween candy, about once a week I give him candy for good potty behavior, for example if he verbally tells me he has to go {as opposed to the "potty dance"}, gets himself on the potty, pulls up and down his own pants; hopefully you get the idea... Anyway today was a "good" potty day. As Malachi was getting off the toilet he informed me that he had 3 poops and that he got three whoppers {yes, I realize the irony here}, when he tells me things like this, he is actually asking me to confirm it. I of course, dutifully and enthusiastically replied "YES! But after lunch, okay." That worked for him as he walked down the hall holding and recounting several times his three fingers.

Okay, so, as if that isn't funny enough, right? {So not to the punch line yet!}

He eats his lunch and I forgot to give him his whoppers. I was downstairs feeding Ethan, when Malachi said "Mom, can I have whoppers?". Now unfortunately I cannot properly convey his tone, so funny; sort of a mixture of indulgence, and reminding with his head cocked to the side and a smirk on his face- seriously comical! I said "OH! YA! Sorry!" "I get three!" he says, once again holding and counting his fingers. "And what do I get?" I ask, expecting the usual hug or kiss. Instead he replies {as though it was some rehearsed answer} "Poop in the toilet!" I about died laughing, to which he nodded his head knowingly and said "yep!"
I am so thankful for this boy, and his wonderful sense of humor! He is so very fun!

Last night I got 6 or 7 hours of sleep!! Just when I was beginning to wonder if it would be months... See miracles {of large and small magnitude} happen every day. It was SSSOOOO nice to get some good sleep. Poor Ethan is still sick, but the congestion must FINALLY be breaking up enough for him to sleep. I am so thankful to live when I do. I am so grateful to have a decongestant and cough suppressant for my children, something that many have had to do without.

I am thankful for my sight, both actual and figurative. Have you ever known anyone who just doesn't seem to see something right in front of them? Me too. I am sure that I am that person often enough, but I am thankful for the things that my Heavenly Father has seen fit to show and make known to me, so very thankful.

So, I think that covers the days I missed!! yahoo, hope I at least gave you a snicker! ;)

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