Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Big time at the Big Top!

Last Monday, June 9th we went out to Rexburg to see Jordan's (traveling) Circus. The first our kids have ever seen. They had two showings one at 4:30 and one at 7:30. Levi, Alicia & Guliana came and RJ and Annareigh. I was surprised at how many people came to the 4:30 showing, I bet they had to turn people away for the 7:30- it was really fun I've never been to an outside Circus before.
RJ, Annareigh, Brittney and Candra, along with loads of people!!
Ty and Malachi from the far end of the bench, sometimes I wonder if Ty and I get more excited than the kids do.
The one bear is rolling on a "barrel" of sorts and the other bear is actually rocking in a rocking chair, I missed the picture when they had the bear on a rocking horse!

Brittney rode the Elephant, she's wearing a blue sleveless
Jacket over a red sweater.

Candra rode the pony
I tried to put Malachi on the pony, but he totally freaked out!! He still had fun watching his "sissies!"
These dogs were sooo cute, they must have been trained to the music, they were so fun to watch

I think this was both Malachi & RJ's favorite, there's a motorcycyle in there and eventually they had two!

I thought the Elephants were really cool, at one point the biggest one came forward and was shaking its head and ears to the music, it was all a lot of fun!!

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Tuttle Family said...

Cute, cute family. Looks like fun. Brittney looks just like you, Nancy.
Lots of Love,