Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Mother's Day

So ya I get that I am totally behind on getting these posted, but what can I say?? Oh, well This is what I did on mother's Day; Ty and the girls made me breakfast. First the girls, because they got up earlier; they poured me a gigantic bowl of my favorite cereal and mashed together some bananas and strawberries and mixed that in- they were so completely proud of themselves!! Then Ty made us all breakfast eggs, bacon, I think we had potatoes, and little cinimin rolls with orange juice of course. It was so cute to have both of the girls in school, they were so excited to give me the cards and things that they made me at school, Brittney even gave me a flower. After Church we went over to MD Nursery and I took pictures of the whole big Moss clan, it was such a complement to have them ask me!! It was really fun, then we all went... Where else?!?! Rhonda's house to eat and hang out, it was really great! Anyway here are pictures of all of my favorite Mother's Day gifts, and some of the Moss Pictures!!

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