Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back!!

Okay, so I haven't posted FOR EVER!! Well, I was waiting for the worry to ebb... Am I the only one for whom this is kind of a life pursuit?? Anyway my girls are just so sweet- they made these notes for me and Ty; so cute!

So this one is from Brittney to Ty, if you look you can see ty in green and Dad a couple of times; it says: You have three kids one is nice (Candra), one is helpful (Brittney) one is young (Malachi) You are a Dad but we love you So does mom.
she got up early yesterday morning before anyone else was up and made that for her Dad- so cute.

When Candra got up Britt helped her make this one for me: it says: I Love you Mom and it has lots of heart just like my little Candra!!

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