Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Malachi's Birthday

Our Malachi is four! He is the most funny little boy! he crackes me up DAILY! Here are some of the more funny things he has said, most of these I just copied and pasted from my status updates on face book. enjoy!
While jumping on the trampoline with all his might every so often he gets a really good jump and says "WOW! I'm like a ROCKETSHIP or something!" Then later in the shower "Mom, my skin is turning brown, and my fingernails are turning white!" (he is getting VERY tan) then I hear him talking to him...self "Ya (very proud tone) I change colors!"
love this kid!
While looking for his shoes and I knew where they were (and he and Ty have been playing this game lately where they are "secret agents"- great way to get a 4 year old to do stuff) and when I gave him his shoes he asks me "How did you (always) know that?!" then he says "Oh, I know! your a Secret Agent!" ...and I said "I am?" and he said "and you have super powers!"
At night while begging for cereal for 20 minutes... He comes upstairs leans back against the wall for support, then with what seemed a great amount of effort (for he seemed in iminent danger of fainting) he opened his eyes to a slit and said "I'm losing energy"
Ty and I are sitting watching TV and I am explaining the lame story line (that he missed) and Malachi (who is sitting on my lap) keeps singing the opening line to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over and he suddenly says "Man, I have that song stuck in my head! Man! I can't remember the words!" He then allowed mom only to sing the words to him! I just adore this little guy!
I told Malachi I was going to go to bed and he said "No, it's not BED time!" I told him that it was after bed time and that I was going to bed and he said "NO!! That's the wrong decision!" - Who needs cable?!
on our way to church when Candra told Malachi his hair looked nice {she was doing this to tease him, he HATES us doing his hair} and he said "No it DOESN'T!! It's RIDICULOUS!!!"
Malachi saw that VW BUG commercial, ya, so now he just kind of randomly will {fake} punch Ty and I while exclaiming some color- I think he may have misunderstood the meaning... on the other hand, maybe not! ;)
Right now Malachi has a favorite catch phrase. I think he got the idea from a game he plays, but whenever he thinks that he or I did something espically cool, or that something cool is going to happen he exclaims "BO-nus" and then when he REALLY likes something he "BOnus points!" - the best part? This happens at least 2-3 times a day! Cracks me up!
Malachi was riding around on one of those little push around toys with wheels, and he tiped it over- typical boy- and he looks up at me, all surprised and says "Whoa! I didn't see THAT comming!"

Hey, do you like the cake I made? It was better in my imagination, but not too shabby in real life? BTW Malachi asked for Orange- it's his favorite color!

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the Beard family said...

I love that cake! You did a great job! He is a cute little guy for sure! Boys are just awesome!