Monday, May 24, 2010


I just adore this little guy! He fits right into our family- which means he is completely full of personality! He says: Da, Mom, Dada (Candra), Titi (Malachi), and BA! (Brittney) He also gets the biggest kick out of crawling around saying "mom, mom, mom..." He laughs when I say "What?" He laughs all the time. He loves his family SO MUCH! When ever the girls come home from school or Malachi wakes up from his nap and when Ty walks in the door, Ethan gets super excited and has to get on over to them as fast as he can and give them loves! He and Malachi are allready such good friends for at least four months now I'll just find the two of them playing so cute in Malachi's room, wouldn't have thought at this age the two of them would have so much fun with each other, but they sure do! Malachi gets the biggest kick out of how much Ethan loves him. Each time Ethan wants to give Malachi loves, Malachi laughs and then says "ooohhh" while Ethan hugs him- it completely melts my heart!

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