Saturday, April 10, 2010

Super Bobby

Okay, so this is completely random, however I think it's funny and i don't want to forget, so... Malachi has this doll, a cloth boy with dark hair. My Dad convinced him to name the doll Bobby, because apparently my Dad had a doll named Bobby when he was young. I figure it is good for little boys to have toys that they have to "take care" of and give love to, right? My basic feeling is that it should encourage a caring and nurturing side in my little boy. He does sleep with it occasionally (more like once a month now - it used to be more), take it on little outings when we go places, and sometimes talk to him when he plays alone. But a couple of times I have threatened to take Bobby away, Ty even has. You see, Bobby has, well I guess you could call it a secret identity, except it's not secret. Maybe I should call it an alter ego? I'm not sure, but I think secret identity works pretty well, because he also has another name. Now keep in mind this is ALL Malachi. Bobby's other name is Super Bobby. Super Bobby is basically a daredevil and stunt double. Meaning if there is any cool, daring trick that Malachi thinks of; Super Bobby to the rescue! Apparently Super Bobby is more than willing to do several connecting aerials and finish by slamming into the ceiling, or be twisted in half, or have his head and other body parts slammed against multiple objects; well so long as you first proudly proclaim his acclamation by introducing each stunt with a shout of "SU-PER BOBBY!!!" I knew a little bit of what was going on but one day I came face to face with some fairly aggressive "stunts". When I told Malachi that he needed to be nice to Bobby, he said "But he is SUPER Bobby!" I told him that if he couldn't be more nice to Super Bobby I would have to take Bobby away. Ty even threatened to give Bobby to someone who would treat him nice, LOL. It worked. Super Bobby still does stunts, just not as aggressively, maybe he'll live threw Malachi's childhood after all. LOL!

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alicia said...

lol that's funny!