Tuesday, May 26, 2009


so, ya, I was scammed- my email address was stolen- do not send me money!! The other day I got an email that I thought was from hotmail, and it said that I needed to verify my account or it would be deleted, ya I guess I should have known better- but what can I say? it looked official, dang it! I am not out of the country, no one stole my purse or whatever; and I do not need money to get home! I hope nobody else gets scammed too! Sorry for the trouble!


The Neads said...

Nancy you know never to give out information if someone calls or emails and asks for it. Only give it if you call or contact them. Oh by the way I need your Social Security number to verify I'm writing to the right person.


(sorry I had to take the shot)

danemi1 said...

grrr doesnt it make you so angry - creating such distrust everywhere - its terrible - really feel for you hun